What happens next?

What happens after you make an enquiry on our website???

We know that many people hate spam emails and cold calls so we only contact you when you have asked us to. Entering your details into a website can mean getting contacted by various companies without your giving them permission.  At National Claims Helpline we NEVER pass your details on to anyone without your verbal permission. Here is what happens after you make a website enquiry with us.

We are a member of the Ethical Marketing charter which means that we are VERY against cold calling. We don’t do it ever.

If you are contacted by a company saying that they are the National Claims Helpline and you havent completed a form on our website then we need to know.

For your protection we only ever call you from one number 0330 995 0060 and all our calls are recorded.


Rest assured when you contact National Claims Helpline your details and your claim are in expert hands



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